The new Octopus Watch Motion Edition allows you to track physical activity.

The Octopus Motion's sensor measures the acceleration, duration and intensity of your child's movements and then converts them into OctoPoints. 

Studies show that children benefit from 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. Motivate your kid to keep moving by assigning rewards when they meet their daily goal.

To activate the Motion feature:

1) In the Octopus app, go in the right hand menu, and tap on "Motion".

2) On the top right hand corner, tap on "Edit".

3) Enable the motion tracking.

4) Synchronize the watch.

Now that the motion tracker is enabled, your kid can see their progress on their watch.

1) Double-tap on the screen to display the menu

2) Navigate to the motion screen (tap once, then tap again)

In the evening, synchronize the watch to download the data into the app.

Note: 6000 OctoPoints is a preset goal based on our testing, for an average 6 years old child. You can adjust this goal to your needs.