Required settings

  • Application version 1.1.211 or above on iOS and 1.3.18 or above on Android
  • Firmware: 205 or above

Quick tutorial on setting up a reward

How to view available rewards

Octopus Watch: Set up a reward (gamification)

  1. Click on the Kid's menu.
  2. Select the Rewards menu.
  3. On your Rewards board, you can review all of your available rewards.
    Only events with the alert and validation features enabled  are displayed on the board.
    An icon with no stars under it hasn't been set up yet.
  4. Click on an icon to review the statistics and configure the reward.

Review your child's statistics and reward them with stars

Based on your child's progress you can reward 1, 2 or 3 stars. These stars are displayed on the watch when an event has been completed.

Octopus Watch: give a reward on my child's watch

  1. This graph shows your child's performance and the number of times your child validated the event.
    * Green bar: Your child has validated all the reminders for that day.
    * Orange bar: Your child has validated at least one reminder for that day.
    * Red bar: Your child hasn't validated any reminders for that day.  
  2. Click on the star to modify the number of stars given.
  3. Synchronize the Octopus Watch and app to send any updated info to the Octopus Watch.
  4.  Stars are displayed when your child validates the event.

Why are there more rewards on my board than on my schedule?

  • Once you have set up a reward, it will remain on the Rewards board.
  • You have the same reward on multiple schedules.  for instance, If a reward is earned on your regular schedule, but not on the vacation schedule it will still be displayed on the Rewards board.

You can learn more about rewards and how gamifying builds habits in this article.