You have already created your Octopus Watch App account but you realized that you entered your email with a misspelling. You would like to change it.

You would like to update your email

Update the email linked to the Octopus Watch App

1. Connect to your account from a desktop 

Visit your desktop account.

Octopus Watch: customer account sign in

Enter in:

  • Email: your email with the misspelling or your original email
  • Password: the password that you are using to log in the Octopus Watch App (reset your password)

Click on "Sign in"

2. Click on "My Account"

Octopus Watch: my accountClick on:

  • "My account" to access and edit your data
  • "Sign Out" to log out

3. Enter your new email and update

Octopus Watch: Edit user (email, password)

Correct your email in the field "Email".

Enter your valid password in the field "Current Password".

Click on "Update" to save changes.