The Companion is an accessory. It's a charging station/night light/wake up alarm.

It comes with a USB cable and a US AC adapter similar to the one you use to charge your smartphone.

First, we will check that your power outlet works correctly.

Plug the AC adapter provided with the Companion into your power outlet.

Plug the USB cable provided with your smartphone to the AC adapter,

Then plug the other side into your smartphone.

Verify that your smartphone is charging. If it is, then we are 100% sure that your power outlet and the AC adapter are functioning properly.

Now substitute your USB cable with the USB cable provided with the Companion,

and plug the other side into the Companion dongle (make sure you hear a 'click' which indicates that it is plugged in correctly).

Snap the Octopus Watch onto the Companion's mouth. Wait 5 seconds. The watch should turn on and charge. The Companion should turn on (unless you've previously changed this setting in the app).

If the watch doesn't turn on with a bug battery icon on the display, we need to figure out if the problem stems from the watch or the Companion.

For this test, we will connect the AC adapter to the USB cable provided with the Octopus Watch (called USB/pogo) on one side, to the Octopus Watch on the other side. The watch should turn on and you should see an icon battery on the display.

If the watch doesn't turn on, then the watch has a problem. Please open a ticket and indicate that you've followed this procedure. Provide 2 photos of the watch, one from the top, and one from the bottom so that our team can see the 3 pogo pins:

If the watch does turn on, then your Companion has a problem. We will do one final test:

Check that all the pogo pins are well aligned. The pogo pins are the 3 little gold connectors. Try to put the watch in contact with these pogo pins and check if the watch turns on. Please mention the result of this test when you open a ticket.