1) You sent me a tracking number 2 weeks ago and my shipment has not arrived yet

Our logistics partner uses the services of 3 carriers depending on your country of residence: DHL, Fedex and USPS.

The shipping time can be up to 45 business days.

2) When I check my tracking number on the carrier website, it says that the shipment has been returned

Multiple things could cause a return:

- your address was wrong

- your customs office tried to contact you without success

- your are based in Canada and the carrier is DHL* (read paragraph at the end)

3) When I check my tracking number on the carrier website, it says the shipment is a the same place for more than a week now

Unfortunately, some packages are only tracked within the US and once they arrive to destination. The "in-between" is not guaranteed. We do not have control over this nor our logistics partner.

4) When I check my tracking number on the carrier website, it says that it has been delivered, but it's wrong!

- With USPS in the UK for instance, the tracking number will indicate "Delivered" as soon as the package has been handed to Royal Mail. Please wait few more days until it arrives at your place (or contact their customer support or your local carrier with your tracking number to have more information).

- DHL reuses previous tracking numbers for new shipments. Until these new shipments have been scanned at DHL facility, using the tracking numbers on their website will indicate "Delivered". Please wait few days until their system is updated.

- DHL may write an “arrival in destination country scan” which shows US as the destination country. This is not correct!

5) Why do I have to pay for custom/tax?

Customs fees and importation taxes are dictated by the customs office of the receivers country. We do not have control over customs fees as this may vary from country or assessment and this applies to all purchases shipped from overseas. Our logistic partner is doing everything by the rules.

*Canadian orders shipped before Aug 10 with DHL:

Octopus Watch contains a li-ion battery (classified as HazMat) and since January 2017, the law in the US and other countries has changed. Not only we had to pass certifications, but the logistics partners and the carriers too. Processes have changed and sometimes, it causes issues. It happened to DHL (cf screenshot below).