JOY continuously improves the system and provides free firmware updates for the Octopus Watch that fixes bugs, adds new features and new icons.

When it happens, you see a red badge in the top right-hand corner of the Octopus Watch app on your smartphone.

Overview of a firmware update

To update your Octopus Watch, connect it to a power source, then in the Octopus app on your smartphone, tap on the right-hand menu > Firmware update.

Octopus Watch: firmware update available

Follow the instructions. Please make sure:

  • to keep your smartphone next to the watch during all the process (about 10 minutes), 
  • to keep the watch plugged to a power source


Please consider having a look at this video to see how the process works and following the instructions below:

  1. prerequisites: you need the Octopus watch, the mobile used to pair the watch and the charger cable or companion ... and approximately 10min of your time. Make sure that your mobile phone has Internet connectivity and that you have updated your mobile app to the latest version.
  2. disconnect the watch from the charger cable
  3. start the Octopus mobile application: if it was already started, please kill and restart the app
  4. select the target watch on the left menu pane: click on the top-left flower icon and then select the target watch
  5. check if there is a firmware update on the right menu pane: click on the top-right kid icon, a (1) badge should appear on the menu entitled "Firmware update"
  6. if so, click the "Firmware update" menu and confirm by clicking on "Update" the dialog saying "do you want to update your device to the latest version (216)? You currently have 126".
  7. connect your watch to the charger cable
  8. the mobile app will connect to the watch and start the update process. The whole process will take approximately 10min:
    • possibly a few icons will be updated first
    • then the firmware itself will be updated and will then trigger a watch reset
    • a final synchronization will be automatically started. [ATTENTION] please make sure that the octopus mobile app is active when this step happens, i.e. when the previous step is around 90+%, make sure to wake up your mobile by touching the mobile phone and/or unlocking if necessary.
  9. et voilà!
  10. please repeat this operation for every watch you have.


  • make sure to upgrade your mobile app before proceeding.
  • these steps are to be repeated for every Octopus watch.
  • the actual firmware version of the watch is shown at reboot just above the Octopus Icon (e.g. "Octopus #126" or "Octopus #220") ... or, in the newer firmware, you may long-press the button to show the ICE and then single-click twice to show a screen called "Info": the line called "FW" will tell you which version it is running.
  • it may happen that the watch actually is upgraded but the mobile app will indicate a failure: that is because the mobile app has not been able to do the final synchronization step. In this case please re-synchronize the watch using the regular process ... and ignore the app telling you that a new firmware is available.
  • if for any reason, the watch gets stuck in synchronization, please consider proceeding with a factory reset.
  • if for any reason, the watch shows any errors after successfully updating the firmware please proceed with a factory reset and re-synchronize the watch.

Firmware Versions

Notable Changes
Known Issues and Workarounds
  • 126
  • release
  • MAY03/2017
  • Initial version
  • Colors of the display may look inverted or negative or scrambled. This usually happens subsequent to when pressing the button. Workaround: Reset the watch.
  • Error message indicating 0007 and 0118  is shown when connecting the watch to some Android phones. Workaround: Use temporarily another mobile phone and upgrade the firmware.
  • Reminders that have been validated will not vibrate the next day again if the watch is not synchronized in between. Workaround: Synchronize the watch daily.
  • In certain conditions (especially with heavy schedule), the watch would reset for no reason. Workaround: synchronize more often in case of heavy schedules.
  • 205
  • release
  • OCT27/2017
  • fixed scrambled colors issue
  • fixed Bluetooth issue when connecting to some Android phones
  • fixed validated repeating-reminders not vibrating again the next day
  • fixed seemingly sporadic resets on heavy schedules
  • fixed icons that were empty (injection, put on cream and wipe down table) and improved 1 system icon
  • fixed display flickering case
  • fixed display orientation in certain conditions when the watch is on companion
  • increased vibration time (now double the time)
  • improved button press handling
  • improved battery life and level estimations
  • changed clock handling: upon reset and factory reset, time will now show "--:--" until it is synchronized 
  • added info screens upon long-press: once ICE is shown, the user can now single-press the button to cycle through various information screens (ICE, battery, general info, certification)
  • added support for Japanese [2]
  • added support for gamification [2]
  • added support for configurable display timeout [2]
  • Sometimes the watch may reset in very particular situations. Workaround: none, update the firmware as soon as available.
  • 214
  • release
  • NOV13/2017
  • fixed reset that appeared in certain situations
  • fixed clock positioning on the icon-based face when in 24h mode
  • improved reset handling, so that time is preserved and state is properly recovered
  • improved factory reset handling when very-long-pressing the button
  • changed clock handling: time will now show "--:--" only the first time or if the battery was flat
  • added a mode when the battery level is lower than 5% to preserve time: in this case, alarms and reminders are deactivated and will show "LOW BAT"
  • Sometimes the watch may flicker in very particular situations. Workaround: fully charge the battery, do a factory reset and then resynchronize the watch with the mobile application.
  • 216
  • release
  • NOV17/2017
  • fixed new display flickering case on low/flat battery
  • fixed test mode issue impacting production
  • improved font rendering speed
  • added double-tap to access ICE and Info screens
  • None

  • 220
  • release
  • DEC20/2017
  • increased number of reminders and events that can be handled on the watch
  • introduced 4 new icons: quiet, OT, circle time, ABA
  • When the watch is reset to factory settings, time will start at 12:00, instead of showing "--:--". Workaround: n.a. will be fixed in a subsequent release.
  • 254
  • release
  • AUG02/2018

  • improved (massively!) battery lifespan
  • added carrousel menu item for timer functionality (1, 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes)
  • added carrousel menu item to exit back to clock mode
  • added carrousel menu item to put the watch completely asleep (deactivates alarms and saves battery; watch then needs resync)
  • added carrousel menu item to demo the watch (requires factory reset to exit). This menu can be de/activated from the mobile app [2]
  • added support for carriage return in ICE message
  • added display timeout support [2]
  • changed factory reset sequence to the following: (1) disconnect POGO cable then (2) connect watch to POGO cable and then immediately (3) very long press the button until "Factory Reset" is displayed on the screen.
  • complete code revamp and lot of under the hood changes to stabilise and speed up the code, improve cosmetics and save battery

  • None

  • 256
  • release
  • AUG08/2018
  • initial Octopus Motion watch firmware
  • None
  • 302
  • release
  • OCT17/2018
  • added support and menu for 6-axis accelerometer (Octopus Motion watches only) [3]
  • added support for events to vibrate once at start time
  • added carrousel menu item to switch on/off all vibrations
  • added support for 30 minutes timer
  • changed carrousel menu item to turn off the watch (now Octopus Motion watches only) [3]; Octopus watches can all be turned off from the mobile application
  • improved storage capacity management to store (massively!) more alarms and events
  • changed carrousel menu items to be always in landscape mode (e.g. watch on wrist)
  • and many other cosmetic improvements and under-the-hood optimizations
  • On Octopus Motion watches and in some cases, the watch may have lost the current motion point count. Workaround: n.a. will be fixed in a subsequent release
  • On Octopus Motion watches, day-of-week is miscalculated starting 01/01/2019. Workaround: n.a. will be fixed in a subsequent release
  • Error: assert#378
  • Error: assert#395
  • Error: #17-#913
  • 308
  • release
  • JAN03/2018

  • improved data recovery (time and date, motion points [3], ...)
  • fixed 01/01/2019 date conversion issue [3]
  • and other under-the-hood optimizations (battery, accelerometer extensions [3], ...)

  • None
  • 311
  • release
  • JAN28/2018

  • fixed and improved internal error handling
  • improved error reporting screen

  • None

[0] Any other version not displayed in this table is unsupported and users should upgrade to the latest firmware as soon as possible.

[1] Firmware versions that are marked as beta are release candidates (RC) distributed only to a restricted number of users until the version is confirmed.

[2] Some features require a version of the mobile app that may not yet be available at the time of a firmware release.

[3] Some features require a specific model of the Octopus Watch