Please check the other FAQ, you should find the answer of your question or check the bullet points below:

  • If your watch seems not to vibrate: please note that only Reminders are able to vibrate (provided the related option is activated when setting up such a reminder). On the other hand Events do not. Also note that you may have concurrent Reminders and Events which should allow you to configure any possible schedule.
    The watch only vibrates at the time an alert has been programmed. If you think there is a real problem with the vibration, please follow the process below.

  • If the button of your watch seems not to work: When you receive your watch, first you need to charge it. If not charged, the button doesn’t provide any feedback. Once it is charged, every time you press the button, you will have a little vibration (haptic feedback). 

  • If the button of your watch seems a little bit hard to push: It was extremely difficult to find the right balance in between having a button too soft (and therefore your child might press it inadvertently), and too hard (for obvious reasons). After our tests, we discovered that the button soften a bit after few days of use, making it perfect to use even for a 3 years old.

  • If battery does not last long enough: The watch('s battery) is supposed to last, we see usually numbers around 5 days or so by regular usage. This will greatly depend on the number of events and reminders that are configured as well as the number of time the child will press the button to display the clock. Each action does activate the display and possibly also the motor (to vibrate) and both will reduce battery.
    Of course every child is very excited about the new watch and will probably press the button quite a few times to see the clock, the current event period, or to show friends. It may also happen if the kid is in an anxious phase. This excessive usage will naturally reduce over time and once resuming to regular, the watch will last longer. This is of course our experience we see sometimes happening and may not apply to your child. Please check if things gets a little better over time. If not, please get back to us,

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