As we worked to create the Octopus Watch and app, we asked our Facebook community to share their children’s routines. Using that information, we created pre-set schedules that reflect the most common configurations we saw in our community.

We have created 4 pre-set schedules:

Regular time period

2 pre-set schedules for a regular time period (when children are not on vacation)

  • One for weekdays (when children have school)

  • Another one for weekends 

Vacation time period

2 pre-set schedules for “vacation” time period (when children are on vacation, no school)

  • One for weekdays

  • Another one for weekends

Distinguishing 4 pre-set schedules allows caregivers to change one pre-set schedule without impacting the other one. For instance, you may want your child to go to bed at 8 pm when he has school the next day but will allow him to fall asleep later during vacation. 

Indeed you cannot create an event or a reminder and program it at a certain time during weekdays and at another time during weekends. In that case you have to create another event or reminder to set differents parameters.

You can notice that the sleep icon stops at 23:59 pm. It is because an event cannot cover 2 days.

Octopus Watch: pre-set schedule on the Smartwatch for kids