This video shows how the app should recognize the watch via bluetooth (iOS) during the pairing process:

Sometimes, Bluetooth won't work correctly, even though Bluetooth is turned on, and you've tried toggling the Bluetooth switch on/off. The only way to resolve this issue is to shut down the iPhone and then turn it back on.
Instructions can be found here.


If you are experiencing problems connecting the Octopus Watch with the App through Bluetooth, please ensure that

the following items are configured correctly:

  • Bluetooth is enabled, on your smartphone, indicated byRésultat de recherche d'images pour "bluetooth icon".
  • Bluetooth is enabled, on the Octopus Watch: the symbol Blue Bluetooth symbol on the top right is displayed (instructions below to activate Bluetooth).
  • To synchronize, verify that your Octopus Watch app is paired with the right watch.
  • Ensure that the phone and the Octopus Watch are next to each other to enable a strong Bluetooth connection.
  • The Octopus Watch has enough battery (15% for a synchronization and 50% for a Firmware update)
  • No other devices (e. g.: speaker, free hands kit...) are connected through Bluetooth to your Smartphone when you are synchronizing or updating the firmware.

To activate Bluetooth on the Octopus Watch

  • Press and hold the Octopus Watch's button for 3 seconds: the screen shows the ICE message and Bluetooth is enabled.


  • Plug in or replug the Octopus Watch to its companion or cable.

To verify that Bluetooth on the Octopus Watch is working properly

The steps below will allow a more detailed diagnostic and will be useful when reporting any Bluetooth related issue to our support:

  • Install any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) test application on your mobile (for example "lightblue" or "nRF Connect" for both iOS and Android). 
  • Run that application.
  • Activate Bluetooth on the watch by connecting it to the charger/companion. 
  • While there may be multiple devices appearing in the BLE application, yet at least one should be called OCTO-####### (where # is any characters or digits). This would indicate that the watch's Bluetooth is functioning and the issue is on the mobile application side. Please indicate the result in your support ticket.

If none of these solutions worked, try to completely reboot the Octopus Watch app and restart the Octopus Watch by holding the watch button for 20 seconds.