The Octopus Watch is a kid wearable that your child can use every day: during school days, weekends and vacations alike. It teaches kids the concept of time. The Octopus Watch App allows parents to create and save schedule that are adapted to times of day and days of the week, and can be set for vacations and holidays, too.

What are time periods?

1. Definition

Time periods are different schedules than can be created to match different activities during the year. Events and reminders that you program in the "Regular" time period will not be displayed when you switch to "Vacation" time period.

For example, your habits are not the same during the school days and the vacations like during the Summer or a family vacation.. If you program the event "Amusement park" every Wednesday in the "Vacation" time period, it will not be displayed in the "Regular" time period.

A pre-set schedule is saved on the Octopus Watch app. It is a base schedule that you can edit. You can also configure the Octopus Watch so that it has a different schedule for the weekdays and the weekends.

2. Recognizing which time period you are in

Octopus Watch app: regular time period

Under your child's name, the name of the active time period is displayed. By default, you are in the regular time period.

How to change time periods?

1. Select the kid's menu

 Octopus Watch App: visual schedule with icons

Click on the icon in the top right corner to open the kid's menu.

2. Choose "Time periods"

Octopus Watch App: time periods

Select the "Time Periods" item in the menu. The time period you are currently in is displayed under “Time Periods” in the menu. 

3. Select the type of time period that you want

Octopus Watch App: choose your calendar or time periods

Click on the type of time period that you want to display. 

The selected time period has a Blue check after its name.

4. Save and synchronize

Save the modifications by clicking on "Done " if you are using an iPhone or onBlue check if you are using Android phone.

If you selected a new time period, synchronize the Octopus Watch with the app to display the new calendar.

How to copy/import schedule:

read this article.