Octopus Watch is the smallest kid smartwatch. It is a kid wearable that helps kids judge time, learning to be independent and responsible. The Octopus Watch contains a rechargeable battery.

Charging an Octopus Watch?

  • Plug the Octopus Watch on its Companion. Then plug the companion cable into a compatible plug (USB).


  • Use the provided USB cable. Plug this cable into a computer or a compatible wall plug. 

Time to charge an Octopus Watch battery

  • 20 min = 65%
  • 45 min = 85%
  • 1h20 = 100%

Octopus Watch battery life with a normal use
This example takes an Octopus Watch that has different reminders that pop up every hour for 5 minutes,

Day 1 

  • 9am: 100%
  • 7pm:  90%

Day 2 (Next morning)

  • 8:30am: 78%
  • 5pm: 45%
  • Midnight: 25%

Day 3

  • 10:40am: 15%

Octopus Watch charging on it's companion