Octopus Watch is scheduling and task oriented smart watch for kids. It teaches the concept of time with icons.

How many icons are in the Octopus Watch?

There are more than 700 icons in the Octopus Watch. 

Icons are available when creating an event or a reminder.

You can choose an icon from our 9 suggestions (these suggestions are different for Events and Reminders).  You can find other icons from the search bar. We made no distinction in the search bar whether you're looking for an event or a reminder. Indeed, the same icon can be used as a reminder and as an event. For instance, the "Guitar" icon can be used as a reminder in the morning to tell your child not to forget their guitar. It can be used as an event in the afternoon when Guitar lessons happens. 

Suggestions for events

Suggestions for reminders

Start to tape what you are looking for in the search bar. If you can’t find your perfect icon, try a synonym. If you still can’t find something which makes you happy, you can send us an icon suggestion for our next firmware update.

Octopus Watch app: request a new icon

Can you add your own pictures or texts for visual reminders on the Octopus Watch?

As of today, there are more than 700 designed icons available. You can’t add your own pictures or change the name of the icons but we plan on working on this feature later on.