The Octopus Watch is an educational wearable for kids. Kids follow their daily routine while wearing the watch. 

We know that children love running everywhere and find themselves in amazing adventures. In the course of their adventuring, they are not always very careful with their belonging. With that in mind, we decided to build the Octopus Watch with a screen in PMMA: it's a plastic material more resistant to impacts than glass.

UPDATE: we made our own screen protector:

Octopus Watch's screen durability

Octopus watch after 6 months and a connected watch with Sapphire crystal

  • On the left, a new Octopus Watch.
  • On the center, an Octopus Watch prototype being tested for 6 months by a kid.
  • On the right, a famous Smart Watch with a sapphire crystal screen (which is meant to be unbreakable). 

There are no miracles when it comes to electronic devices that endure so much wear and tear even for adults. As most of us have experienced at one time or another, even those supposedly indestructible glass faces on cell phones (e.i. Sapphire crystal) can break. We can't guarantee that an Octopus Watch won't get scratched, but our plastic screens are engineered to endure a lot of abuse and won't break.

The Octopus Watch is also water resistant and can be set in many languages.

Items to protect my Smartwatch's screen

We found some items to protect your Octopus Watch screen. However, we haven't tested these products so we take no responsibility for their efficiency or use:

UPDATE: we made our own screen protector: