Octopus Watch's band size

The watch comes with a watch band that fits wrists with a circumference ranging from 11 to 16 cm (4 1/3 to 6 1/3 inches).

=> i.e. it fits children wrists from 3 years old.

The system and the width of the bracelet are standard:

  • It's a traditional spring bar pins system.
  • The width of the bracelet is 1.5 cm (3/5 inches).

Replacing the bracelet of your kid's watch

You can easily replace the Octopus Watch band if you don't like the color, the material, the buckle, the length etc.

You can find a replacement band at your local department store or on Amazon (search for 15mm quick release* watch band). You just have to look for an item with the dimensions below (or inferior, e.g. 14mm) for it to be compatible with your Octopus Watch:

  • band width: 15mm (3/5 inches). 
  • spring bar pins width: 18mm
  • spring bar pins diameter: 1.3mm

The band is the blue plastic part on the right in the picture below and the spring bar pin is the metallic part which holds the band.

Review this tutorial to learn how to change your Octopus Watch band.

Check the screen and water resistance of the Octopus Watch

* quick release is optional. If the spring bar system is quick release, it means it's faster and easier to install.