The Octopus Watch teaches children the concept of time using icons and transitioning to digital and analog clock faces. It is possible to choose from am/pm or a 24 hours based time format.

How to set the time format?

1. Click on the Kid's watch menu and select Clock face

 Octopus Watch app: enter in Clock Face menu

Select the Kid iconon the top right corner of the icon schedule. Then select Clock face button from the list.

2. Select the appropriate time format for the Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch app: change time format

Choose the time format you prefer displayed on the Octopus watch.

  • Green button: the kid watch displays am/pm time.
  • White button: the kid watch displays 24 hours time.

3. Save and synchronize the Octopus Watch

Save the changes by clicking on "Done" on the iPhone or on check yellow button on the Android phone.

Synchronize the Octopus Watch to display the updated time format on the watch.

On this screen, you can also configure the progress bar.