The Octopus Watch is a smart watch for kids that teaches them the concept of time with icons. To assist the child’s understanding of time as it passes, the Octopus Team created a progress bar.

This article explains what a progress bar is and how to activate it on the Octopus Watch.

The progress bar

The progress bar is another tool to teach your child the concept of time. The progress bar is an optional feature that enhances the visual schedule. By this way children can visualise the passage of time.

Octopus Watch: the progress bar with an icon

The progress bar is shown here above the Lego icon.

Activate the progress bar on the Octopus Watch

1. Enter in the Kid's watch menu and select clock face

Octopus Watch app: kid menu, clock face

Click on the top right corner of the menu on the kid icon and select clock face

2. Activate the progress bar and save

Octopus Watch app: schow progress bar, concept of time for kid

  • Green button : the progress bar is displayed on the Octopus Watch
  • white button: the progress bar is NOT displayed on the Octopus Watch

Save the modifications by clicking on "Done" with an iPhone or on yellow check Android with an Android phone.

3. Synchronize the Octopus Watch

Synchronization is required to update the information on the Octopus Watch.

You can also modify events in your routine.