We encourage you to enter emergency contacts and other importants informations on the app so it will be stored as ICE information on the Octopus Watch. This can be helpful for example if your children are lost by themselves and they need to ask someone to call you.

In the Octopus Watch app

1. Click on the kid menu

Octopus Watch app: open the Kid menu

Click on the top right-hand icon to open the kid menu

2. Select “In case of emergency”

Octopus Watch app: In case of emergency menu

In the Kid menu, select the ICE - In case of emergency button button from the list of options.

3. Add ICE information that you want to store in the Octopus Watch  Octopus Watch : add ICE information

The screen displays an image of a watch with the text “Tap here to add important information like your phone number, allergies, special conditions, etc.”. Click on this text to replace it with yours.

There is a 126 characters limit for the ICE information.

4. Save and synchronize the Octopus Watch

Save the information by clicking on "Done" with an iPhone or on the with an Android phone.

Synchronize the Octopus Watch with the app to save the ICE information to the watch.

Display the ICE information on the Octopus watch

1. Switch on the Octopus Watch screen

Switch on the watch screen by pressing the button on the right. If you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition, tap the touch screen button.

2. Hold the button for 3 seconds.

If you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition, press the touch screen button.

Hold the Octopus Watch button for 3 seconds. A red screen appears with the ICE message.

UPDATE (requires firmware version 216+): You can also double-tap the button for quick and easy access to the ICE and Info menus. 

/!\ NOTE: if you have an Octopus Watch v2 Motion Edition, there is no physical button. You need to double tab on the little white circle situated on the front face.