The Octopus Watch is a smartwatch for kids. It comes with a lovely accessory: the companion. This article helps you to program the companion nightlight.

On the Octopus watch app 

1. Open the kid's watch menu

Octopus Watch app: visual schedule

Click on the top right corner of the menu in the visual schedule. 

2. Select Companion nightlight

Octopus Watch app: select programmable companion nightlight

Choose Companion night light for kid in the list. 

3. Program the night light companion

Octopus watch app: program the companion night light

There are two editable fields:

  • I automatically turn off after”: once you plug the Octopus Watch into the companion’s mouth, the countdown starts. If you unplug and replug the Octopus watch, the countdown starts from the beginning of the timer. At the end of the countdown, the light turns off.

Use the + and - to select the time.

  • And I turn on at”: choose the time at which the companion light will turn on in the morning. To change the set time, click on the displayed time to open the selection menu.

    When the child takes off the watch from the companion, the light turns off automatically.

4. Synchronize the Octopus app and the Octopus Watch

Synchronize the Octopus Watch app and the Octopus Watch to transfer your new settings.

In use

The Octopus watch needs to be and stay plugged* to the companion to allow it to work as a programmable nightlight.

The companions setting are saved in the watch. Your children can use their watch's settings with any companion.

*If you live outside of the USA:
We sold Octopus in more than 80 countries and unfortunately it's just impossible to provide the correct plug to everybody. But the good news is that you can use the same plug that you use with your smartphone. It's a standard 5V USB adaptor.

You can also buy one for less than $2 on Amazon.