The Octopus Watch helps children judge time, accomplish tasks, and learn to be independent and responsible. As a parent, you can provide an Octopus Watch to all of your children and control each child's watch from one phone.

Add another watch 

1. Open the parent menu

To add a new Octopus Watch, click on the adult icon on the top left of your screen to access the parent menu.

2. Select "Add a watch"

Octopus Watch app: add a new watch

Click onAdd a new icon watch to start the addition.

3. Activate Bluetooth on the new Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch app: activate Bluetooth on the watch

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and activate the Bluetooth on the watch by:

  • Plugging or replugging the Octopus Watch to a power source (the companion or power cable)
  • Pressing the Octopus Watch button. If you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition, tap the touch screen button.

Once the phone finds a new Octopus Watch, the message "No watches detected" should disappear by itself.

If the phone does not detect the Octopus Watch, check the Technical problems section for additional troubleshooting steps.

4. Pair the new Octopus Watch with Bluetooth or a sharing code

Octopus Watch app: We found one Octopus Watch. Connect.

When the Octopus Watch appears on the screen, click on Button connect

If the message “... has already paired this watch ...” appears, it means the Octopus Watch you are connecting to already has a primary authorized user. Ask the primary authorized user to share the 7 digit pairing code.

5. Name the new Octopus Watch

Octopus watch app: Who will wear this Octopus Watch?

Set the watch name and, optionally, indicate if the child who owns the Octopus Watch has any special needs (so that we will be able to make suggestions for specific icons in the future). Press next and you can begin to use the new Octopus Watch.

Selecting a different Octopus Watch profile to control

1. On the home screen, note which Octopus Watch is controlled and open the parent menuOctopus watch app: check name on the visual schedule

For example, if the user is editing this visual schedule, they are modifying Amy's schedule, indicated at the top center of the screen.

2. Select another Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch app: control many kid watch

Click on the Octopus Watch name that you want to control.
In this example, the user was controlling Amy's schedule: it has the blue background, indicating it si selected. When the user selects Scott, Scott's visual schedule will open.

Discover how a visual schedule is updated with a shared Octopus Watch or how to duplicate an entire schedule from one child to another one.