The Octopus Watch is an educational toy that allows users to program and display a visual schedule for their child.

When you modify events or reminders on the Octopus Watch app, these modifications are not displayed immediately on the Octopus Watch. In order to publish changes made on the app to the Octopus Watch, you must synchronize the devices.

This tutorial explains how to synchronize an Octopus Watch with the app.

How to know if you need to synchronize the Octopus Watch and app

Octopus Watch app: check if you need to synchronize the app

When you modify and/or delete a reminder or an event, the messageYou made changes tap here to sync the watchand a red 1 appear on the visual schedule. This indicates that you need to synchronize the app and the Octopus Watch.

Synchronizing the Octopus Watch

/!\ Please make sure your watch has been updated with the latest firmware version (right hand menu > Firmware Update)

1. Enable Bluetooth and location on your phone

2. Click on "You made changes. Tap here to sync the watch"

Click on button You made changes tap here to sync the watch to synchronize the app and Octopus Watch.

You can also synchronize the app and Octopus Watch by clicking on Kid icon and then selecting menu synchronize now the Octopus Watch in the menu.

3. Activating Bluetooth on the Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch: activate Bluetooth on the watch

The app will prompt you to connect to the paired Octopus Watch that you would like to update. There are two ways to enable Bluetooth on the Octopus Watch:

  • Plug or replug the Octopus Watch to a power source (the companion or the watch power cable)
  • Press the watch button for 3 seconds

At any time, you can cancel the synchronization by clicking on "Cancel".

5. The synchronization starts by itself

The synchronization will initiate automatically.

If the app and Octopus Watch do not automatically synchronize, please review the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure the phone and the Octopus Watch are not too far from each other to enable a strong Bluetooth connection.
  • The Octopus Watch battery must have at least a 15% charge. If it does not, charge the Octopus Watch and try to synchronize again.
  • You are trying to synchronize the wrong watch. Verify that you are trying to connect to the correct Octopus Watch by checking the watch's name.

If none of these hints helped you, review the Technical problems section.

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