The Octopus Watch, as an educational wearable, teaches kids the concept of time and fosters them to perform tasks with consistency. Events and reminders can be programmed to set a routine for the child. This article explains the difference between an event and a reminder in the Octopus Watch app.

Event in Octopus Watch

An event is a time frame which explains, with an icon, what is usually happening during a specific part of the day. The Octopus Team imagined this to help kids to judge time before they are able to tell the time.

1. Events with the icons clock face

When the watch face is set to 'icons', the Octopus Watch displays the event icons set in the routine on the app whenever the button is pressed.

An event has a set time, and occurs either on a specific date or on set days every week (e.g. every Wednesday).

Optionally, a progress bar can be shown above the event icon. This updates throughout the event, from the left side of the screen to the right, letting the kid see how far through the event they are compared to how much time is remaining.

An event does not cause any notification and does not react to keypresses.

2. Events with an analog or digital clock face

Events are NOT displayed on the Octopus watch screen while the watch face is set to digital or analog mode.  

Reminders in Octopus Watch

A reminder causes your child to remember something (an appointment, a task to do...). 
It can be a specific task that the kid needs to perform at a particular time. For instance, it says to the child: "it's time to take your lunch box and go to school".
It can be an alert to inform the child about a specific activity: "it's time for your guitar lesson". 

Every minute for the duration of the reminder, the Octopus watch will display the icon and optionally gently vibrate. With validation enable, the kid can press the button to record that they accomplished their task or not.

Reminders will also trigger a notification from the Octopus Watch app, along with any additional details added in the note.

When an event and a reminder, or multiple reminders, are active, the watch will show one after the other when the button is pressed to turn on the screen.