Add an event (it can be an activity, a task to do, an appointment)

Octopus Watch: add a new task

  1. Click  [+].
  2. Search for the desired icon.
  3. Customize the event.

Edit the event's name: Click on the name to begin editing.

Replace icon: Click on the existing icon and search for a new one.

       4. Click [Save].

Edit an event

1. When the 'Alert' feature is on

The alert feature reminds your child of the scheduled event (an appointment, a task, etc.). For instance, it says to the child: "It's time to brush your teeth".

In previous versions of the app, this was referred to as a "reminder".

Octopus Watch: add a task alert on

At : Sets the event's start time.

Pop-up every minute for: Select the number of times the event's pop-up reminder repeats on the Octopus Watch. 

Repeat:  Choose which days the event occurs.


  If the toggle is set to:

  • greenThe child should validate the event when it has been completed.
  • white button The child does not need to validate the event.


  • green The watch gently vibrates until the child validates the event.
  • white buttonThe watch doesn't vibrate when the event is displayed on the Octopus Watch screen.

 Add a note allows you to create a short note which is displayed on your phone when the event occurs. The note will not be displayed on the Octopus watch. 

[Save] and synchronize your Octopus Watch and app when you have finished editing the event.

2. When the 'Alert' feature  is off

When the 'Alert' feature is off, the display shows the icon representing the event scheduled for that time and day.  The event will not trigger a notification and does not need to be validated.

Octopus Watch: edit a task when Alert is off

 If there is no scheduled event, the display will show the Octopus Icon.

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