Schedules help parents maintain consistency in expectations to build strong routines. With the Octopus Watch, you can add reminders that discreetly prompt children to complete their tasks or inform them about a specific activity or appointment.

Create a reminder and synchronize the Octopus Watch app

Once a task with the features alert and validation are enabled, synchronize your Octopus app and your child’s Octopus Watch.

On the Octopus Watch

OCTOPUS WATCH: validation of a task by a child on his smartwatch

1. At the set time, the alert is displayed on the child's watch vibrates gently. The task icon appears for few seconds (e.g. "go to the toilets" icon) and then is replaced by the current event icon (if you set one). 

The alert repeats every minute for the duration that you programmed in the alert settings until the end of the task or until the child validates the task.

2. The child validates the task by pressing the button.  If you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition, tap the touch screen button.

3. Synchronize the Octopus Watch with the app to review all if your child has validated his task.

Review your child validation and modify it

Octopus Watch: validation and modification of a chore by a parent's child on this app

  1. At the set time, you receive a notification displaying “Hey! Your kid should be doing the following: ”reminder name”.
  2. When you synchronize the Octopus Watch and app, you can review whether or not you child has validated their tasks.

    • If the child validated the task, the green check icon is displayed next to the task in the visual schedule.
    • If the child did not validate the task, the red crossicon is displayed next to the task in the visual schedule.
    • If a Blue bellicon appears, it means that the reminder has not been displayed on your child's Octopus Watch yet. 
  3. Switch in between green check and red cross by clicking on the icon. It allows you to correct if your child has done his task (available from the app version 1.6.4 on Android and 1.7.254 on iPhone)
    In the rewards section, the statistics will use the modified completions.

Learn how to share the control of an Octopus Watch with another authorized adult or how to control many Octopus Watches from one app.