If you are traveling to a different time zone with your kids or daylight saving is coming, you must change the time or the date on the Octopus Watch to reflect the schedule accurately.

Since the watch's time and date are synchronized directly with the phone's time, you cannot manually set the time on the watch.

If the time displayed on the Octopus Watch is wrong and you would like to correct it, do the following: 

1. Check your phone's time and date

The Octopus Watch's time is the same as the time on the phone that is controlling the Octopus Watch app.

Confirm that the time and date on your phone are correct.

If the time or the date are wrong, change the settings on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Synchronize the Octopus Watch and the Octopus Watch app

After you've corrected your phone's time and date, synchronize your phone and the Octopus Watch through Bluetooth.

If your watch's battery has died, the time on your Octopus Watch will reamin incorrect until you sync it with the Octopus app.