The Octopus watch is a wearable assistant. It helps kids to judge time, practice independence and responsibility, accomplish tasks, etc.

You can share the scheduling access with another trusted adult. You can also revoke someone access at any time. 

1. Select the Octopus Watch you want to edit

If you control multiple watches via your Octopus Watch application, select the kid's watch from which you want to revoke a user.
In the example below, Laurie controls the watches of two kids, Amy and Scott, and she wants to revoke Elizabeth's access. 

Octopus watch app: left menu, select kid's name

Click on the top left menu, and select the watch. A blue background indicates which Octopus Watch is selected.                                         

2. Enter the "child's watch" menu  


Actopus watch app: visual schedule, check the kid's name and click on the top right icon

You are back on the visual scheduler home screen. Your child's name will be displayed at the top of the visual scheduling screen.

Click on the Kid iconicon which is on the top right hand corner of the app and will take you to the child’s watch parameters.

3. Select Watch permissions 

Octopus watch app: right menu, click on "watch permissions"

Choose theWatch permissions in the child's profile menu.

4. Revoke the access to a specific user

Octopus watch app: revoke someone access

The list of the authorized users who can edit the Octopus Watch schedule is displayed at the bottom in white text. To remove an authorized user, click on red cross next to the user's name.

Octopus watch app: confirm the revocation access

A "Revoke access" message is displayed. Select "Delete".

The deleted user cannot modify or see the visual schedule of the Octopus Watch anymore.

You can also add a new authorized user to the child's Octopus Watch