The Octopus Watch is a wearable parenting aid. The watch routine can be shared and controlled by several authorized users. This tutorial explains how to allow another person to monitor and edit the kid's schedule.

1. Open the "Kid's Watch" menu

Octopus watch app: click on the kids icon

Verify that you are controlling the correct Octopus Watch: the child's name is displayed above the visual schedule (Here, it's Amy).

Click on the kid icon on the top right-hand menu. It opens the "Kid's Watch" menu.

2. Select "Watch permissions"

Kid's menu in the Octopus watch app

3. Share the temporary code with the person you want to share access with

Share  the 7 digit code with the person you are authorizing to control your child’s Octopus Watch. The code is valid for 15 minutes.

Octopus watch app: sharing code for parenting aide

Under the code, in white, you can review who is already allowed to control the kid's watch. You can also revoke an authorized user's access.

4. The new user taps "Pair with code" on the watch detection screen, and then enters the 7 digit number.