Before you begin

  • To set up and use your Octopus Watch, you need an iPhone with at least iOS 9. (Click here to get the latest version of iOS) or an Android phone with at least Android 5.1.

  • Download the Octopus Watch App

  • On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and enable Bluetooth.

  • Make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Let’s get started with your Octopus Watch

1. Open the Octopus Watch App on your phone and Sign Up 

On boarding screen Octopus Watch app

Enter your name, your email and choose a password. Retype your password for verification.

Passwords are case sensitive.

Indicate your relationship to the child wearing the watch by using the drop down menu.

Click on "Next".

2. Validate your account with your email

Octopus Watch: validation email

Connect to your email account and open the email from “” entitled "Confirmation instruction" (if you don't receive the email, check your spam folder). 

In this email, click on “Confirm my account”.

WARNING: If you do not confirm your email within 3 days, you will be locked out of your account.

3. Pair your watch

Remove the Octopus Watch from its box. 

On the back of your Octopus Watch, there are 3 small magnets. Connect these magnets to a power source: either the companion or the power cable. The watch and power source should connect very easily. If they don't connect easily, turn the Octopus Watch over and try again.

Octopus Watch: battery charging

Press on the watch button. If you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition, tap the touch screen button.  When the Octopus Watch illuminates, the screen will show a battery and a Bluetooth icon.

Click on add a watch.

If you see the message “No watches detected” ensure that the Octopus Watch is near your phone and that its Bluetooth is activated.


If the watch's Bluetooth is not activated (no  icon on the top right corner of the Octopus Watch), push the button ( or tap if you have an Octopus Watch Motion Edition) and disconnect your watch from the power source and plug in your watch. 

These articles may help you to troubleshoot your Bluetooth issues and to get more information about why Bluetooth disconnects quickly.

After your phone detects the watch, a new screen will appear displaying the text “We found one Octopus watch” above the watch's Bluetooth name. Click on  

On the next screen “Who will wear this Octopus watch”, enter the name of the child who will wear the watch and indicate if he or she has special needs.

Why do you ask if my child has special needs when I pair a new Octopus Watch?

This information is not mandatory. We request it because it will allow us in the future to suggest to you icons or routines related to your child’s needs (ADHD, autism, diabetes...). This will help you to build a better routine with your Octopus Watch App for your child.


This information will not be shared with any third party or the other authorized adults.

You have completed initial set up of your child's Octopus Watch and will be directed to the home screen of the Octopus Watch app, here you will see an example of the visual schedule. You can update the routine, allow someone else to control the Octopus Watch or program the companion from the app interface.

Advise: update immediately your firmware to enable all the features.