If you are experiencing some trouble to update the firmware or you had the message "Firmware update failed, please retry", please review the point below to make sure that everything is right:

On your phone:

  • Internet is enabled on your phone (through Wifi or a data connection)
  • Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. It is indicated by Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bluetooth icon"
  • The application is up to date

On the Octopus Watch

  • Bluetooth is enabled on the Octopus Watch. On the top right corner of the Octopus Watch's screen, the symbol Blue Bluetooth symbol is displayed when Bluetooth is enabled. If Bluetooth loses connectivity during the update, review the Bluetooth troubleshooting article
  • The Octopus Watch has enough battery (50% for a Firmware update)
  • The watch is connected and stays connected either to the pogo or the companion for the duration of the firmware update

The Octopus Watch and the phone

  • You are trying to update the right Octopus Watch firmware
  • The phone and the Octopus Watch are next to each other to enable a strong Bluetooth connection

If none of these solutions worked, try to completely reboot the Octopus Watch app and restart the Octopus Watch by holding the watch button for 20 seconds.